Chorus’s DCI Project

 DataCentre220 is now able to offer DCI (Data         Centre Interconnect) to the Chorus relay

What this means is that our customers can either connect to the Chorus relay directly or for those who require more flexible terms can connect to this service through us.

If you wish to understand how best to take advantage of this service we have an engineering team just for that. Our team will engage with you to understand how your network or product works and how the DCI/ Chorus relay network can add value to your business. If you have an existing handover that needs to be migrated or have been held back by port capacity or high upfront costs we have a work-around for all these.  Drop a line to [email protected] to know more.


Advantage to service providers – Broadband resellers can now take advantage of this service from DataCentre220 and connect directly to the Chorus relay network and access UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband) services and grow their offerings.

Advantage to businesses and startups – Connect to the UFB services and give your customers the advantage of across-the-board connectivity to several Chorus exchanges and connect to other data centers on the Chorus relay.

Advantage to Content Delivery Networks – Datacentre220 has always been a great colocation for CDNs on account of having the highest numbers of peers in New Zealand, with the Chorus relay offering, especially with flexible terms if you connect through us this service unlocks greater potentials for your content and it’s channels.