Vocus Communications is a leading provider of international networks and data centres throughout New Zealand and Australia. We have designed and built a robust network used by more than 70% of New Zealand’s leading ISPs. This international network is now available to NZ businesses who require a reliable, ultra fast, scalable connection to Australia, America, Asia and beyond. For businesses, this means removing the middleman and buying connectivity straight from the source. Significant investment in our own network gives us full control of the all-important Trans-Tasman link. Ownership of capacity on the Southern Cross Cable allows us to allocate dedicated bandwidth exclusively to businesses like yours – think of it as your own private lane on the internet highway. You won’t be affected by heavy traffic or frequent outages common on the public internet.

The smart design of the Vocus’ network suits smart businesses. It’s why we are one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in Australasia.

Paul FitzSimons

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