Devoli is an automation company offering network and software tools that free up time for you to do the work you love by automating the tasks you don't.

We offer full service carrier and telecommunications infrastructure providing service to systems integrators, IT service providers, cloud specialists, content owners, content distributors and more.

Our relentless drive to automate service delivery has resulted in world class data and voice provisioning systems. These systems allow our wholesale and carrier customers to not only self provision but also manage their services through a of single portal. We pride ourselves on our technical ability to deliver world class services to customers in New Zealand, Australia and wherever else people value their time.

Our continually expanding footprint means we're now the very best connected service provider in New Zealand and top 3 in Australia. The future is an exciting place to be and we're excited about delivering it to our customers.

Karl Rosnell

+64 (9) 222 0000