Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide remote hands for reboots etc?

A: For server reboots we are available between 9am and 5pm at no charge.
For all other work there is a charge of $120 per hour.

Q: When can I get access to my server/rack?

A: Access is available 24/7 by security access card.

The facility is designed in such a way that individual racks are not accessible to each other. Each cabinet has its own unique set of keys. Twenty four CCTV cameras record movement.

Q: Do you provide Internet connectivity?

A: We do not provide Internet connectivity ourselves directly because of our policy of being carrier neutral, however there are a number of ISPs in our data centre who can provide very competitively priced bandwidth, particularly if you need high capacity. See Connectivity.

Q: How soon can I move in?

A: We currently have limited space available and are working on an expansion onto our second floor which we hope to have open in May 2017.

Q: What kind of cabinets do you supply?

A: We supply Modempak Q Series cabinets which are 45RU high, 600mm wide and 1000mm deep and APC Netshelter SX42U cabinets which are 600mm wide x 1070mm deep. 

Q: What are your half cabinets like?

A: We have set up smaller Modempak Q Series cabinets on top of each other. They are either 18ru or 22ru high, 600mm wide and 1,000mm deep. Each half cabinet has its own doors and own electricity meter and is completely self-contained.